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Spring DEADLINE -April 26 @ 5pm


of member schools

In the Spring and Fall, PAPNA offers a $500 scholarship to students attending schools who hold member-

ship in the association.  Three applicants are chosen from the Commonwealth in each season totaling 6 scholarships a year.


 SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINES last Friday in September & last Friday in April  

              PAPNA Scholarship Application

We've received your Scholarship application. Please ensure that all supportive documentation is submitted to the email on or before the deadline for consideration.

The deadline for submissions during this period is closed and we are no longer taking submissions. We thank you for your interest and ask that you apply in the next semester.




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Survival Guide




"Sometimes in our lives, the most challenging of experiences are the ones that force us to stretch and grow the most."  "I know that I will bring empathy, compassion, determination and impeccable work ethic to the practical nursing profession by providing quality patient care.  Although grades are important, I believe that having heart is imperative to the nursing profession."  "I believe that as a nurse, there are no "off" days.  I am a nurse full time.  Similar to a heartbeat, I cannot choose to stop my love for helping and caring for those around me."


Danielle Eger

Greater Altoona CTC

Administrator: Rebecca Kelly


"I 'm also bringing with me the belief that I'm working for the patients I have assigned to me.  They deserve my time, my attention, and my compassion.  I've seen loved ones who feel overlooked while sick in a hospital.  While I understand that the demand on nurse can spread us thin, I would do my best to make sure each person I work with doe not feel forgotten or overlooked."  "The demands of the job will not always let me do everything for everyone.  i do realize this.  I hope that in the process of doing my job I will let my patients know someone cares, they are not alone, and ease some of their fears.  I will always remember that the people I am caring for are someone's father, mother, grandparent, sister, brother, or child.  They are a person not just a job."

Sylvia Wittman

Jefferson County - Dubois Area Vocational Technical School

Administrator:  Brenda Hodge


"By using my knowledge and critical thinking skills, I was able to advocate for my patient resulting in him receiving optimum care.  As well as helping patients I am intent on helping my peers.  In Febraury, 2018, I created a social media account called Student Nurse Support." ". . . I love helping fellow nursing students learn information that they have been struggling with, by introducing it in a different way.  It also is an amazing way to connect with nurses, doctors and students from all over the world."   ". . . I came to the realization I needed to take a leap of faith and go back to school to become the nurse I dreamt of. . ."


Ellen Weitzel

Lancaster County Career and Technolgy

Administrator: Josie A Campbell

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Greater Altoona 18 PAPNA scholarship rec
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