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Super technology, Super Teacher!

We have some new and ingenious ideas for the PN educator. Do you want to use technology to enhance your teaching? Don't know how? Do you want to reach those pesky millennials and tech savvy Gen Y & Z's? Here are some easy, user friendly ideas to make your classroom environments more exciting, engaging and 'fun-filled', yes I said learning can be fun! Try something new for a class and see the outcomes.....perhaps your student evaluations will go through the roof and you will become the educator of the year!

Let's Get started today!!!


go to this website: Page down the main page to find the spinner.....Give each student a number from 1-10, then start the spinner, where it stops, no one will know but when it does, have those students with the number collaborate together to answer a question from your classroom discussion or create a question or share an idea, or present a topic. There are other things to use on that same page, the jeopardy game, dice simulator, classroom timer, classroom countdown, speedmatch and who wants to be a millionaire. Try one and share the outcomes with your peers. Its free and you do not have to create an account. Or better yet, have groups of students create reviews before the exam and they share them with the other students.


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