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As educational programs we work closely with other companies that server our needs.  These companies support us through our conferences and provide assistance with our curriculum.

Assessment Testing institute

Assessment Testing Institute or ATI provides admission testing, testing, clinical and learning support that aligns with our curriculum. 

  • TEAS testing

  • Nurse Logic - PN

  • Dynamic Quizzing

  • Pharmacology Made Easy

  • Dosage Calculations

  • Videos

  • Clinical simulations



Elsevier is a company who publishes resources that is used by many curriculum's.  They provide textbooks and study guides for student use.  They provide faculty support with teaching resources.  They also have web based simulation systems like Shadow Health to assist students in using skills in a controlled environment.

Elsevier logo.jpg


Laerdal is a company that utilizes Manikins which create a simulated environment for learning.  We use these when training students to deal with real clinical scenarios.

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